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Global Leadership Summer Institute for Educators

Exploring Global Issues &

Creating a Democratic Classroom

Designed by Teachers for Teachers 

August 3-7, 2015​

30 Clock Hours and/or 4 - 6 Credits from Seattle University College of Education

15 - 30 hours of Follow-Up Professional 

Development & Coaching 

included through the year


"I have seen outstanding and tangible results from our teachers adopting democratic classroom strategies. Our Art Teacher can now eat during lunch period and plan during planning period rather than clean up) because her students now have class jobs and take pride in keeping their art room clean. Chris Fontana is a dynamic and highly effective facilitator."

-Po-yuk S Tang

  Principal, Beacon Hill International School



​What is Global Leadership?​​

Global Leadership is both a methodology and a course designed to empower and engage high school students by developing leadership skills through service learning.

  • Teachers and students become agents of change.
  • True democracy in decision-making is practiced through weekly class meetings and group grading systems.
  • Students draw from their work to teach an adopted classroom of elementary students through the "adopt-a-school" component.
  • Solution-driven Facing the Future curriculum challenges students to think critically about relevant global issues.

Why is Global Leadership Essential Now?

  • Global Leadership directly addresses the 21st century skills that students must develop in order to participate in a global society: critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.
  • In a Global Leadership classroom, students learn about their own role in our global society and, through collaborative exploration, they devise solutions and take action on issues they deem relevant.
  • In Global Leadership students enter as learners and emerge as communicators, problem solvers, and collaborators.

What's in it for me?

  • This Summer Institute for Teachers will provide teachers of all content areas with a highly effective approach to creating a climate of mutual respect and shared ownership in which student leaders become engaged global leaders both in and out of the classroom.
  • The workshop will be interactive and transformational. There will be time allocated for reflection and group collaboration; you will leave the week with lesson plans, sample course policies, and a access to a wealth of ready-to-use curriculum. 

  "These are extremely important workshops for educators to network, 

hear about ways to connect globally, and develop more relevant and available curriculum."

 – Diane Sophusson, Schmitz Park Elementary ​​